6 Monetization Tactics that actually work in 2021

Publishers are always searching for ways to monetize content. How do you approach monetization? It’s easy to get overwhelmed and have prejudices based on what you’ve read or heard about monetization in the publishing industry. However, subscriptions have evolved during the pandemic spin and things have shifted for the better. 

As publishers have streamlined their efforts for better reach, digital media has taken the forefront while print has moved to the backseat. The way we consume content has changed. And for the same reason, so has monetization.

1. Start with Digital Advertising

Because of the increase in the number of netizens digitals ads have been getting well-deserved attention. Digital ads are better targeted and customizable. While many brands are ready to invest in digital advertising, publishers too are figuring out how to balance ad revenue with other monetization channels.

Having different models helps facilitate digital advertising. While subscribers may be lured to have access to content without any interruptions, how do you display ads to other users? 

As digital ads get significant, perhaps it’s crucial you rethink them to ensure readers aren’t overwhelmed.

2. Native Advertising

Advertorials aren’t new but in the digital space, they have better potential than before. While websites can carry banners, there are innovative ways to get users interested. Digital ads are evolving, be it interactive pieces or powerful content to support the ad or even short films – digital ads win the game because of the scope they present.

As publishers, it’s important to be able to monetize such opportunities with the right advertorial team. Publishing powerful ads with a message for the viewers wins more attention than you’d think! 

3. Set up the right Paywall

This is a no-brainer. Setting up effective paywalls ensures that your content gets you the revenue you want. While you may not get all your users to convert to paying subscribers it’s important to risk setting up paywalls.
Publishers can set up subscription paywalls after understanding their goals and content quality. Streamlining premium content to paying subscribers and giving just the right amount of sneak peek into your content to the regular users allows you to get a steady flow of revenue. 

Needless to say, paywall strategies can change over time. This could be based on the target audience of your brand, user behavior, subscription models, or internet penetration rates. But this shouldn’t stop publishers from trying out different subscription models and plans until they land a model that works for both ends.  

4. Affiliate marketing can be useful

Depending on what your website’s niche is, affiliate marketing can look different from publisher to publisher. It may sometimes only help you make the brand popular but it’s still worth the effort. You share information on an external brand and get people to check them out. Every user that goes through your link gets you some profit from the brand. 

This primarily helps you build an audience base who learns to depend on you for suggestions about products/services. The interface is easier for the user as they get directed easily to products they might be interested in while not costing you much in return. 

5. Generate leads for partners

Here, the monetization strategy is to simply promote brand partnerships on all/selected pages for a different source of revenue. Partner brands get more visibility and this way publishers also attract more partnerships. 

6. Have you tried Memberships? 

Often, having a community privilege lures the audience to pay up. Publishers today organize webinars, zoom catch-ups with popular figures, exclusive concerts, and coupons for the members. This works as a great word-of-mouth tool for brand awareness and it also encourages registered users to want to become a member – for the sense of a community and for all the perks involved. 

An exclusive interview, taking member questions for the same, or even just an online interaction with a prominent figure can stir the conversation.